How to make money online at home by Affiliate marketing?


Money plays most important factor in our life and when it’s come to earn its pretty ways to earn to get it but there is Complete Steps That You can earn money online by Sitting at your home Just You need is Device and Internet so the way is affiliate marketing,

Affiliate marketing

Most Comon thing in this digital World, we all know that’s making money online is smart work and affiliate marketing fulfill this Sentence by giving opportunity to all who wants to make money online, So question is
What Is Affiliate marketing?

So let’s learn with example

Like we have 2 person * Person A * Person B

Person A wants to purchase T-shirts from Amazon So this thing A share With B. B know about Affiliate marketing, So What B do He Create Account on As an Affiliate So if You have affiliate program So you get unique link of Peoducts So B get that and after This B share that Unique link with Person A and A purchase That T – shirt by B’s link So This Purchase is From B’s link So B is Now able to get Some Comision From T-shirts. In Simple Language Affiliate marketing is Comision based Program That you sell product and get Comision from it, now there are many many Sites But most famous Sites are Click bank, JVZoo, Digistor24, Warrior plus, Cj affiliate. Affiliate marketing is Very simple way To make Money by Sitting at home.

Now we talk about how to do affiliate marketing and make more than 1lac per month,

Now, Your Question is

Can we earn more than 1 lac by affiliate marketing?

So the answer is yes, you can earn more than 1lac by doing Affiliate marketing But How You can earn more than 1lac, shall we go in deep.

So in this article we select affiliate site as Amazon,

Amazon Jeff bezozs Company had affiliate programs but its pay very low Comision but it become very trusted brand and caught very high audience that buy online so we have trust factor of audience to do affiliate marketing,

So first step is To creat Affiliate Account on Amazon,

When You Visite at Then Scroll Down and Submit your Info as affiliate, after this

Second Step is To Select Niche!

Niche plays most important factor but first of all

What Is Niche?

So Niche is basically category that you define like If Diwali is Coming and your relatives wants to buy clothes so you select cloths Niche some simple example

Step three To Promote affiliate products!

Now the most important factor

How to promote affiliate products?

So the answer is simple there are many many ways to generate sales but some effective ways that we discuss

  1. Make Website and Promote your product

So you see there are many websites promoting other products on Google and its very easy way to get sale, all you need to do is proper seo now how to do seo it’s very you can search it on after this you need use premium template and how to get it for free I think you are smart about this, So after this your main work is to do reviews article Like  this:- does Sony TV Really Worth it To Buy?

So this is example to Rank high in this Field!

  1. Do YouTube Shorts marketing

YouTube Shorts Are most trending topic this time Just You need to Do is Engage the Audience in Yt Shorts like you just Edit your Short Funny and Engaging with product And then just put link in description all are saying this but but but here is Catch You can put poll type questions on Community tab and if your Shorts get consistent Viwes so Your Community tab goes viral so this     field is Very new and if you start working now so this thing make you more than 1lac per month.

  1. Social media marketing

Do Instagram and other apps marketing like if you post video on Yt short put that same video on Instagram and other Short video platforms so this is one of the great thing to catch

  1. Qura marketing

Just put an little article In Qura and then put your affiliate site link take traffic from it and get cash inside your pocket isn’t it amazing!

So here is Four simple ways to get your income double by doing Affiliate marketing so just apply my trick but there is one catch if you read article in this line so I want to give you bonus that help you to get more than 2lac so this Is thing
You select Niche of daily bases product like review products, ashirwad Ata the most comon thing searched on Google then shampoo and I’d you do proper search and rank one Time on particular Keyword it generates you passive income and then you don’t need to upload anything so this is for today thank you for visiting us.

make money online at home


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