How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post Fast – Learn in 6 Steps


Friends, in recent times, blog post writing or SEO-Friendly blog post Writing Tips in Hindi or in English has become a very difficult and difficult topic, there are many beginner bloggers who start blogs but write content for them. It becomes difficult and there are many who do not even understand how to write SEO friendly blog post in Hindi, let alone talk about fast content writing.
If you have come to this blog of mine, then it can also mean that you have not yet found those tips and tricks so that you can write a good article for your blog or website.

My Thoughts

I am sure that if you read this post thoroughly then you will not need to go to another platform.
In today’s post, based on my experience, I will tell you an accessible and accurate way by which you will not only write a good blog post but also get it ranked in Google or other search engines.
Blog or content writing is not very hard work, it depends on your ability. I agree that it may take time but it is an art, when you start feeling like a writer yourself, then you will start liking content writing.
I can say with full confidence that you too can write a good article in 15 to 20 minutes. Some people find it very difficult and start looking for copywriter and freelancer.
But you can imagine how other writers write articles with so much luck. There is no such magical device that can make a best writer in one go.
You just have to keep a few important points in mind so that you too can become a perfect writer.

How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Post – Learn In These 6 Steps.

  1. Do Keyword Research for Blog Posts.
    First, make a list of your blog topics (below). Then research the keywords that you want to target with free keyword research tools, on which the competition is low but its search is high. Most beginner bloggers make a mistake in finding the right keywords for their content, so that their site does not come in the ranking.
    When starting a blog, at that time only those keywords should be targeted first whose CPC and search volume are high and competition is low. If you want to bring more traffic to your blog then long tail keywords should be used.
    I hope you have understood this step how to do research about your blog niche in 15.

Now let’s move to the second step:-

  1. Point to the main topic of the blog post.
    Before writing content, it is necessary to understand that what can be the main 10 points of the topic on which we have to write an article and then prepare a list of it.
    Very nice, you are interested to know this, please try to understand it better. After reading this post completely, you too can become a good content writer.
    Make sure to spend at least 5 minutes thinking about what you are giving your blog readers to read. Are they feeling happy while reading your article or are they going to another blogger’s post soon.
    In this way you can see in your Google Analytics that how many readers are liking your article and how many are not, make changes in your article accordingly.
    If a reader spends less than 1 minute on your blog, then you can understand that your content writing is not capable of holding the reader for long.
    In this situation there is a need to develop your writing skills. But still you do not need to be disappointed, this is an art that does not come in 2 days or 4 weeks, for this, keep trying patiently.
  2. Write User Friendly Title.
    If I talk to you, then you have also come to this blog only when you must have found something attractive written in the title of this post that it will give correct answer to your questions and it is also correct.
    Blog post is SEO friendly only when it is user friendly. That is, the title of the blog post is written using the right words in such a way that as soon as a visitor sees it, they must click on it, this also increases the CTR of the blog.
    You can read more blogs about CTR, if the CTR of your blog is correct then you will never lack traffic and income will also be good according to you.
    This happens only when you write the title of your blog User and SEO friendly.
  3. Use keywords in the title.
    Most of the new bloggers do not know the trick to use the keyword in the title of the blog post in the right way. If you want, you can use at least 3 keywords in the title once.
    Writing the title of a blog post is also an art, you can see it in the example given below.
    Now we take the example of the title of this post like I have written, its main keyword is “SEO Friendly blog post”.
    Now the keyword that has been targeted in this is – How to write SEO-friendly blog post in Hindi, How to write SEO friendly blog post? How to write blog post fast? What is the way to write SEO friendly blog post.
    But if you will write only the title, then all you have to write is “How to write SEO friendly blog?”
  4. Create SEO Friendly URL.
    There is no need to do much to create an SEO Friendly URL, by the way, those who are new bloggers do not set the URL correctly through parma-link. The URL that is created on entering the title is used which is not correct from the point of view of SEO.
    To create a URL of that method, only the keyword is made by putting it in the parma-link.
    Like take an example “How To Start A Blog in Hindi”
    Now its SEO Friendly URL will be made then it will be like this

Like, if you post a blog on blogger, then the publish date will come after the domain, it doesn’t matter. Create URL in this way.

  1. Write an article post in at least 600 words.
    Whenever you write a blog post for your blog, then definitely keep in mind that at least the number of words in the article should be 600, at most you can write as much as you want.
    The more you write your topic in an explanatory form, the more the search engine will consider it correct and it will not be difficult to rank your content.
    If you write explaining all your points properly, then it will automatically become a long post. To understand this, as an example, you can see this post or any other blogger’s post. A site that ranks in the top 10 has a content size of at least 2000 words.
    Therefore, while giving some time to article or content writing, write as much content as possible.


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